Want to Feel Old? Try MIT’s Aging Suit
If you've ever wondered what being a senior citizen feels like, wonder no more. Thanks to researchers at MIT's AgeLab, you can don a suit that will mimic many of the physical effects of an average 70-year-old body. Well, not Betty White's. That woman is unstoppable.
NPR Explains How Human Population Has Reached 7 Billion [VIDEO]
You may have heard yesterday that the world's seven billionth living person was born, which is pretty amazing considering that just 200 years ago the world population was an estimated one billion and only 1000 years ago just 300 million. How did we multiply so quickly in such a short amount of …
Bizarre Dancing Cloud Caught on Film [VIDEO]
Clouds can be pretty strange. One second you're staring at something that looks like a sky dinosaur, the next thing you're soaking wet.
It's not so surprising then, that one intrepid Singaporean YouTuber just happened to catch some footage of a cloud "dancing."
Breathtaking View of the Auroras From Space [VIDEO]
This breathtaking new video from the International Space Station offers a rarely seen view of the Auroras from space.
The Southern and Northern Lights are one of the most beautiful natural phenomenon in the world. So you can imagine how amazing they look while floating above the Earth. You gotta see …

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