Saturday Night Live

‘SNL’ – Have You Seen Mokiki?
Taran Killam's newest creation for 'SNL' is one of the oddest ever seen. Mokiki is a derelict medical research refugee and one-man dance craze messiah. Once you witness his sloppy swish, you'll never be the same...
‘SNL’ Opens Fire on ‘Homeland’
The Showtime series 'Homeland' is super popular right now, but you don't need to have seen it to be in on the joke. You merely need to have seen Claire Danes act in... well, anything.
SNL Opens With Bloomberg’s Hurricane Sandy Address
The heavily-anticipated episode of 'Saturday Night Live' with host Louis C.K. aired last night, just six days after Hurricane Sandy unleashed her wrath unto the East Coast. Parts of New York City may still suffering, but the cast succeeded in wringing the comedy from the difficult situatio…
SNL’s Stefon Offers Tips To Enjoying Halloween
In conjunction with this coming All Hallows Eve, last night's episode of 'Saturday Night Live' — with host and musical guest, Bruno Mars — offered New York's denizens and tourists a few suggestions for enjoying the holiday weekend. And naturally, who better …

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