Santa Claus

This Is What Santa Does With His Dogs on Vacation
Ever wonder what Santa does when he's on vacation? In this video, a noticeably slim St. Nick paddles a long board across a lake far from the North Pool with three dogs in tow. If the reindeer ever find out what's going on, they'll get jealous.
25 Things You Might Not Know About Christmas
Christmas is full of familiar traditions: carving the ham, leaving cookies out for Santa, listening to Uncle Morty talk about his gall bladder removal surgery while you’re trying to enjoy some egg nog. These staples had to come from somewhere, and since Christmas offers a mix of reli…
7 Adorable ‘Santa Babies’ [PHOTOS]
Every family has its strange holiday traditions and some of those include dressing up tiny, innocent infants as the world's most famous elderly gift giver. Here's a list of the 7 different kinds of Santa Babies you might end up meeting online or in real life this holiday season. And lest..…
10 Creepy Santas From ‘Sketchy Santas’ [VIDEOS, PHOTOS]
While the real Santa is a jolly old elf, some of his impostors who begin to pop up all around the non-frozen parts of the planet come Christmas time are a tad rough around the edges.
In fact, some of these mall jockeys and liquored-up revelers are downright sketchy. We've compiled a list of ten of th…
Grinchy News Anchor Says Santa’s Not Real [VIDEO]
Ever since Virginia O'Hanlon wrote The New York Sun asking if Santa Claus was real, the media has treated the existence of the jolly old elf as sacred. Until now.
During a live broadcast on Tuesday, Robin Robinson of Fox News Chicago loudly proclaimed there is no Santa. What a Scrooge!
The 10 Weirdest Santa Claus Collectibles Available
Santa Claus! The Jolly Old Elf! The Guy In The Red Suit Hanging From a Hook On The Ceiling! Wait, what? Sure there's plenty of delightfully fun figurines of Old Saint Nick, but there's a few far too disturbing and bizarre for any tree trimming party. Here's t...

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