‘Hot Cheetos and Takis’ Is Your New Summer Jam
With only a few weeks of summer left, 'Hot Cheetos and Takis' by the Y.N. Rich Kids still has time to be our jam of the season. It's a song with a universal message, something to unite us all in these divisive times -- spicy junk food is so very, very delicious. And crunchy. And …
Hologram Tupac May Tour With Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg
First things first: "Hologram Tupac," which impressed and disgusted during the Coachella music festival Sunday, is not a hologram.
According to Ed Ulbrich, whose Digital Domain Media Group created the effect, it's actually a 2-D image. For it to be a hologram, it…
Expectant Dad Raps to Fetal Heart Monitor [VIDEO]
While his wife labors in a delivery room with their fifth child, Air Force staff sergeant Charles McDaniel starts a freestyle rap to the beat of a fetal heart monitor. It may not be the most appropriate time for an impromptu rhyme, but it's pretty funny nonetheless.
Rapping Beagle Squares Off Against Leaf Blower [VIDEO]
Lucy the beagle does what many animals do when confronted with a high-powered air stream -- she attacks it. Lucy's ingenious owner then realized the pooch looked as though she was rapping, and dropped a beat behind the video.
Lucy's leaf-blower rap is pretty darn cute. Check it out below.