Is Anything Cuter Than Puppies on a Skateboard?
We’ve seen dogs skateboarding before, but here we have something even better. We found three puppies trying it out and learning how to get around on wheels together. And the cuteness is pretty much making our heads explode.
10 Unbelievably Cute Puppy Videos for National Puppy Day
It doesn’t get a lot of press coverage and the banks are still open, but March 23 is National Puppy Day. For the seventh year, we will spend this day reflecting on what it is that we love so much about puppies. Perhaps this is a day we should have more than once a year.
Watch Adorable Puppies Grapple With Ducklings Over Water Bowl
Herding dogs will try to herd just about anything. Sometimes, like when they dart out the front door and attempt to round up moving cars, this can be a dangerous instinct. But other times, like when these Mini Australian Shepherd puppies try to herd ducklings, it's just plain ado…
Is ‘Puppy Conan’ the Next Late Night Sensation?
The late night TV game is brutal, and its players are always looking for a new way to get ahead. So after noticing the success of Super Bowl counter-program the Puppy Bowl, Conan O'Brien had an idea. Puppy Conan, which would run simultaneously to his actual show, and feature adorable puppy…
Cute Puppy Picks Super Bowl Winner on ‘Jimmy Fallon’ [VIDEO]
Animals have a long history of being good a predicting things. There was the psychic octopus Paul, who picked winners during the 2010 World Cup. And, of course, there is the proverbial monkey with a dartboard, who can always earn more money in the stock market than the average broker.
It looks like J…

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