Wet Driveway Foils Prankster [VIDEO]
A dad's attempt to sneak up on his daughter and frighten her ends in hilarious failure when he slips on a wet driveway and lands on his face. Watch the prankster pop take a tumble below:
Guy Narrowly Escapes Getting Hit by a Train [VIDEO]
There's no doubting the ease and creativity with which this gentleman avoids an oncoming train. Courtesy of UK based YouTuber BlackMoonCGI (who had a hit video a few months ago with his take on what's inside Dr. Spock's scanner), with this instructional video you'll never get st…
Legoland Manager’s Car Replaced With Lego Replica as a Prank [VIDEO]
What could be better than working at Legoland? Pulling a Lego prank on your boss, of course.
Employees at Legoland California built a full-sized replica of general manager Peter Rochetti's car out of the colorful blocks. Made out of 201,076 Lego pieces and weighing in at 2,934 pounds, the copy is an …