Oops! Teen Texts Pranks About Hiding Dead Body To a Cop
With the convenience and anonymity that comes with texting, you would think it's easy to pull off a prank. But for a teenager in Arkansas, a texting prank backfired when she joked about hiding a dead body, and sent the text prank to a random local number. That random number turned out to belong…
Ellen DeGeneres Pranks Megan Fox With Giant Banana Man
While Ellen likes to lavish her guests with gifts, she is also fond of pulling pranks on those who sit on her talk show's couch. Just ask Kristen Bell, who Ellen once tricked into thinking she would get to hold one of her beloved sloths when in fact there was no such cuddle beast backstage…
Watch Toronto’s Batman Freak Out Pedestrians
Batman will generally only don his bat-suit when there is crime that needs to be fought. However, there is another caped crusader -- Toronto Batman -- who has no problem slipping into the iconic costume just because he wants to enjoy a night on the town.
Romantic Prankster Tries to Find a Valentine at the Drive-Thru
For some of us, no Valentine's Day would be complete without having to endure perpetual rejection. No one seems to know that better than comedian and prankster, Alki Stevens, who made this hilarious drive-thru Valentine's Day prank video that is even more awkward than your date last year.

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