Jimmy Kimmel Gets Parents to Pre-Chew Their Kids’ Food
Last week, Alicia Silverstone shocked the internet with a video of her chewing up some food and then feeding it mamma bird style to her 11-month-old son Bear. Silverstone calls the technique "premasticating." But, as Jimmy Kimmel correctly pointed out, the rest of us call it &q…
Jimmy Fallon Reveals the ‘Best Pranks Ever’
April Fool's Day has come and gone. But, as most professional jokesters will tell you, the best pranks are pulled during the 364 days a year that aren't specially designated for that behavior.
So while Jimmy Fallon's latest Late Night Hashtag -- #bestprankever -- was intended to celebrate April 1st, …
“Hungry Hungry Hippos” For iPad Is Fake, But Needs To Be Real
Every year, the nerd-focused website ThinkGeek puts up a series of fake products for April 1st. It's ranged from the ridiculous to the actual credible, but more often than not, there's enough demand that sometimes the products actually materialize.
We're hoping that happens in this ca…
10 Hilarious YouTube Pranks for April Fool’s Day
Traditionally, the first day of April is a perfect time to get your kicks by playing jokes and setting up pranks for your friends, family and coworkers. Some people like to prepare for this day by pulling pranks all year long for practice. Thank goodness we now have YouTube so jokesters can record t…
Google’s Best April Fool’s Day Pranks
Every year since 2000, except 2001 and 2003, Google has treated netizens to at least one, sometimes 17, April Fool’s Day pranks and easter eggs. And, since we know they love to play (check out their new Google Play offering), we’re hoping 2012 will be no different.
Pranked Texas Granny Demands Apology From Justin Bieber
Teen phenom Justin Bieber may have legions of fans, but 88-year-old Dilcie Fleming isn't among them. That's because a tweet from Bieber caused Fleming to be inundated by calls from fans looking to speak to him. Now the Texas grandmother is demanding an apology.

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