Why Did This Russian Guy Touch 2,000 Boobs? [VIDEO]
Recently, a Russian fellow named Sam Nickles touched the breasts of 1,000 different women, for a total haul of 2,000 boobs felt.
Why? Well, he claims he's doing it for Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, because Putin is too busy with state affairs and being married to go out and touch potential v…
Michele Bachmann Asks Crowd ‘Who Likes White People?’ [VIDEO]
If there were a list of commandments for politicians, we're guessing "thou shalt not say things that sound racist when taken out of context" would be somewhere near the top.
But GOP presidential candidate and Tea Party darling Michele Bachmann apparently missed the memo, because after the g…
Weird Condoleeza Rice Photo Album Found in Gadhafi’s Compound
When rebels stormed Moammar Gadhafi's compound recently, they found some unusual things that revealed a lot about the Libyan leader. The most interesting item? An album containing dozens of photos of Condoleeza Rice, indicating he might have had a bit of a schoolboy crush on the former US …

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