5 Weird Facts About Kim Jong II
Kim Jong II may have been a brutal, totalitarian dictator, but none of his contemporaries could approach him in terms of sheer strangeness. (Well, maybe Gaddafi.) But Jong II was in a league of his own in terms of weird. As North Korea buries its Dear Leader, here's a few odd things that made t…
Fox News Thinks The Muppets Are Communists [VIDEO]
Some of the many lessons in the new movie 'The Muppets' include the benefits of working together, remembering how important family is and that Fozzy Bear still tells corny jokes. But does 'The Muppets' teach kids to be capitalist-hating Communists?
This Is What Happens When a Young Man Has Two Mothers [VIDEO]
Back in February, 19-year-old University of Iowa student Zach Wahls spoke out about his family on the floor of the Iowa House of Representatives as it considered House Joint Resolution 6, which would've ended civil unions in the state.
Zack's personal interest in the bill? He was raised by …

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