Pizzeria ‘Honors’ 9/11 With $9.11 Pizza
Nothing commemorates the greatest tragedy in American history quite like a pizza sale! A pizzeria in upstate New York decided to honor the 11th anniversary of 9/11 by selling large cheese pizzas for $9.11. The uproar was predictably appropriate.
Canadian Pizza Parlor Offers World’s Most Expensive Pie
While there are often stories about ridiculously expensive comfort food -- for example the $100 hot dog -- it's hard to tell if anybody actually buys these overpriced dishes.
The folks at Steveston Pizza Company in Vancouver, Canada can confirm at least one person has bought the $450 &…
Pizza Hut Attacks Your Arteries With Cheeseburger Pizza
Have you ever (and we can't imagine why you would) had a hankering for both pizza and cheeseburgers at the same time? If so, then Pizza Hut's new cheeseburger Crown Crust Pizza, which comes studded with 12 mini cheeseburgers and topped with ground beef, veggies and special sauce, may be ri…
Mamma Mia! Kid Shows Off Incredible Pizza Tossing Skills
Family run businesses are often generations old, with one generation passing on their knowledge to the next. Some restaurants are no different, like this pizzeria in Jersey City, NJ. Here's a video of a proud dad showing off his seven-year-old son's pizza tossing skills in their restaurant…
Florida Police on the Lookout for a Giant Slice of Pizza
There is a six-foot-tall slice of pizza on the loose in or around Lakeland, FL. Described by police as having pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers and black olives, it's actually a promotional costume for the local Papa John's.
As you can see in the surveillance tape below, the slice wa…
Woman Has Only Eaten Cheese Pizza For 31 Years
We've all briefly contemplated an all-pizza diet, usually after biting into a particularly tasty slice. Englishwoman Claire Simmons has been living that dream for 31 years. Not so surprisingly, it plays out like more of a nightmare.
Pizza Slice Sleeping Bags Will Give You Delicious Dreams
Who doesn't love pizza? The gooey cheese and warm doughy bread... it's good enough to sleep in, right? Etsy user Brookish7 has designed some huge pizza-shaped sleeping bags that look cut just for slice lovers. They even come with choice pillow toppings like mushrooms and broccoli. What, no…
New Song Celebrates Pizza Becoming a Vegetable
Recently, Congress made a controversial decision that was tantamount to declaring pizza a vegetable.
To bring clarity to the issue -- to who Congress is and to pizza's new categorization -- Jonathan Mann has written a short diddy.

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