13 Penguin GIFs and Photos to Brighten Your Day
Last week we introduced you to the phenomenon that is hedgehog GIFs. It’s a simple yet totally effective concept when it comes to cheering up. But have you yet discovered the power of the penguin? These tiny nuggets of adorable are equally fantastic day brighteners, simply because pe…
Newt Gingrich Was Bitten By a Penguin
Although the press and political establishment has all but handed Mitt Romney the Republican nomination for President, Newt Gingrich is technically still running against him. Needless to say, the former Speaker of the House is having trouble getting anyone to pay attention to him.
But Newt may have j…
This Penguin Is a Real Jerk
Yes, it's pretty adorable when penguins wobble around like little men in tuxedos. But we are increasingly learning that there is a dark side to the Antarctic creatures.