Pat Sajak

‘Conan’ Has Found the Drunk Pat Sajak Tapes [VIDEO]
Pat Sajak's admission that back in the day he and Vanna White used to throw back a few margaritas before taping 'Wheel of Fortune' episodes has resulted in a frenzied search for any footage of a drunk Sajak.
So score one for the folks at 'Conan,' who have found video proof of Sajak's on-air inebriati…
11 Signs That Pat Sajak Is Always Drunk [VIDEO]
Pat Sajak raised eyebrows when he revealed he's raised more than a few glasses over the years. The veteran 'Wheel of Fortune' host even admitted he has hosted the classic game show while drunk.
How can you tell when Pat Sajak is drunk? So glad you asked.
Pat Sajak’s Daughter Maggie Sajak Is a Country Singer
Maggie Sajak, daughter of longtime 'Wheel of Fortune' host Pat Sajak, is following her dad into show business.
But instead of the game show studio, this 16-year-old country singer has been spending time in the recording studio, and her song 'First Kiss' was recently featured on th…