News Bloopers

Brash Spitting Woman Interrupts News Report
In one of the most stomach-churning videos we've seen in a long time, a random woman interrupts a news report by spitting on camera. But she doesn't just hock a loogie once. She does it six times and continues to do so even after learning she's being filmed. Classy!
Watch News Anchors Drop NSFW Bombs In Hilarious Supercut
As this awesomely funny video shows, being a television news anchor isn't just about reading from the teleprompter. It also requires you to keep your mind out of the gutter, which the majority of the talking heads in this supercut fail spectacularly to do. (Warning: NSFW for unintentional profa…
Reporter Dressed as Easter Bunny Freaks Out Kids
To help celebrate Easter, Good Morning Sacramento reporter Alan Sanchez dressed up like the Easter Bunny and set off to entertain children. Some would say his wild gyrations in front of the kids would be more at home at a furry convention than a sacred holiday.
TV Reporter Gets a Painful ‘Scoop’ from a Pole
You've seen news reporters follow people on the streets all the time. Committed to getting a scoop, this intrepid reporter follows a lawyer on the pavement despite his target's "no comment" stance. The reporter's focus should have also been on what's in front of…
Fox News Reporter Falls Asleep During Live Broadcast
The news bloopers just keep on coming. During Fox News' early morning Super Tuesday wrap-up, the head news anchor went live to Washington correspondent Doug Luzader for an update on the election race. To quote the news anchor, it went like this: "Hello Doug... Hi Doug... uh... I, guess…
Jerk Sticks His Mom With $123,000 in Unpaid Tolls
We feel safe in calling Peter Davis a jerk. Not because we know him personally; we'd never heard of the Englewood, NJ resident before yesterday. But it's how we heard of him: using his mom's car to buy drugs in New York and not paying tolls on the George Washington Bridge.
Now his mom's on the hook…
Woman Tries to Hide From News Camera, Fails Spectacularly
If you happen to be a newscaster who isn't so sure of the material you're supposed to read, one way of limiting mistakes is concentrating very hard on the Teleprompter. Kara Manelli of WUFT in Gainesville, Florida displays this technique to a T as she finishes a story about a student housing lottery…

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