News Bloopers

Terrible Reporter Makes Baby Cry
"Way to go, Dan. Way to make a baby boy cry on live television." Yeah, good job Dan. We especially like how once the baby starts to cry his impulse is to run awaaaaaayy, and then later to cheer the crying kid up with a bit of song and dance.
Watch Some Adorable Katie Couric Bloopers
Katie Couric's new daytime show, 'Katie,' starts today. Maybe if we get all of this out of our systems, she'll have a smooth run. Or maybe it will just be wacky zoom city all over the place. Either way, sounds entertaining to us. Hopefully there won't be as many swear words …
Tom Brokaw Takes Ambien, Gets Wacky On Live TV
Looks like Tom Brokaw wasn't alone when he went on MSNBC program 'Morning Joe' -- he brought along his good friend the Ambien Walrus!! Brokaw accidentally took the wrong medication and gave himself half an Ambien before going on camera this morning.
Reporter Completely Melts Down While Reporting on the Heat
One of the ways a local TV news reporter can distinguish himself is through his coverage of an extreme weather event.
WATE 6 News Knoxville reporter Mike Krafcik was given that opportunity when he was assigned to the heatwave which struck the Tennessee city earlier this month.
Awesome Cat Videobombs Reporter on Live TV
As we've seen before, anything can happen when internet trends collide. In this latest example of conjoined memes, a cat climbs up a reporter's back in the middle of a live news story for perhaps the greatest "videobomb" ever. Nice one, kitty.
Godzilla and Volcanoes Pop Up in Wackiest Weather Report Ever
The unusual "derecho" storm which devastated the Mid-Atlantic region late Friday has left millions without power. But if you happened to be watching Richmond, Virginia weatherman Aaron Justus last Sunday, you would've had a pretty good idea that things were about to get weird.…
Shirtless Guy Falls Out of Window Behind Oblivious Reporter
News bloopers are a dime a dozen and they just keep on coming. In this news report from CBS 2 New York, the news room cuts to a reporter live at the scene of a story that can only be "breaking news" at a local station. But what happens behind the reporter is what made it news bloop…

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