How to Barf in Space, in Case You Were Wondering
You think you want to be an astronaut, but CAN YOU HANDLE BARFING IN ZERO GRAVITY???!!!! According to this video from International Space Station Commander Chris Hadfield, your lunch is just floating around in your belly, and you get all dizzy once you are up there. In other words, once you hit orbi…
Further Up Yonder Offers Beautiful Time-Lapses of Earth
Further Up Yonder is a beautiful tribute to the astronauts on the International Space Station. The video mixes time-lapses made using NASA images with actual radio messages sent by the astronauts. It's both a tribute and a message that we need to work together to reach for the stars...
Curiosity Rover’s Descent Digitally Remastered
Yes, it was really cool to watch something land on Mars, but truthfully it looked kinda blurry. YouTuber suitzoot went through the landing footage frame by frame and did color correction, increased the frame rate and did a bunch of other stuff so that when you watch the landing now you realize how t…
NASA Has the Darndest Superstitions
NASA astronauts might seem like atomic supermen, but they are still only human, with the same foibles and fears that the rest of us have. Just because they aren't screaming like little girls as the craft makes its re-entry doesn't mean they aren't screaming on the inside.
The best proof of this is NA…
Grandma Raided in NASA Sting For Trying to Sell Moon Rock
NASA officials recovered a tiny piece of a moon rock in a raid targeting a 74-year-old woman who tried to sell it at a California Denny's restaurant.
The raid was the result of a five month investigation into the missing lunar material that netted a "speck of lunar dust smaller than a g…
NASA Corn Maze Patterns Are Out of This World [PHOTOS]
When you hear about crop circles, the first thing that immediately pops to mind is strange, unexplainable alien patterns encoded in farmland. So what better way to celebrate NASA's rich history of space exploration than with some amazing corn maze crop circles?
What Did 9/11 Look Like From Space? [PICTURE]
The Twin Towers were enormous buildings and the attacks of 9/11 were of such magnitude that people were able to see the skyline change from neighboring states and camera-equipped satellites were even able to capture the aftermath from space.