Does This Newly-Discovered Monkey Look Like Nicolas Cage?
We LOLed heartily and shivered in horror at the same time when we first saw 'Nicolas Cage Cats,' an unholy hybrid of felines and the internet's favorite actor. Now, Cage continues his inadvertent domination over the animal kingdom with this photo of a newly-discovered monkey species t…
Pet Monkey Terrorizes Florida Neighborhood
Zeke, a four year old pigtail macaque belonging to Jeff Jacques, escaped from his cage Sunday and began exploring his Sanford, Florida neighborhood. And while this might sound like the plot of lighthearted comedy perhaps starring Matt LeBlanc, this monkey's day out was anything but funny.
Drunken Lab Tech Pulls Down Pants and Parties With Monkeys
Generally, scientists are thought to be pretty stiff. But a lab tech at Georgia Health Sciences University bucked the trend on August 13th when he was found drunk and partially clothed in a campus locker room while several monkeys, which he presumably let out of their cages, ran wild. Dude knows how…
Drunk Driver Had Monkey In His Truck
Any police officer will tell you that dealing with a drunk driver can be extremely strange. After all, drunk people aren't noted for their calm, reasonable reactions to a stressful situation, or their refusal to engage in ridiculous hijinks. Still, one drunk driver might take the cake, consid…
Baby Monkey and Kitten Tussle, Cuteness Ensues
What's cuter than a baby monkey and a baby kitten? That would be a baby monkey and a baby kitten engaging in a delightful play fight. Seriously. There is nothing cuter. And if you think there is, after watching this video, please send it our way.

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