Unemployed Man Finds $150K in Vegetable Garden
Here is how the cheesy late-90's stand-up comic buried deep in our subconscious would report this story:
"Hey folks! Did you read the story in the Northwest Herald today about a guy in Illinois that found $150K in his backyard garden? Talk about growing some cabbage! Am I right folks? …
Angry Mom Hires Plane to Fly Nasty Message Over Wall Street
At lunchtime on Tuesday, New Yorkers in Lower Manhattan were treated to an unusual sight -- a small plane buzzing by the Standard and Poor's building, towing a banner that read, "Thanks For The Downgrade: You Should All Be Fired."
Commissioned by St. Louis banker and single mother Lucy Nobb…
Amazing Floating Dollar Bill Magic Trick [VIDEO]
In the US we have a floating currency, which means two things:

The value of the dollar fluctuates based on market forces.
Sometimes the dollar actually floats. As in, in the air, at the drive-thru window. Or at least it appears to.