Seven-Year-Old Gives Dad a Piggyback Ride
As a parent, there are few greater bonding experiences than giving your child a piggyback ride. But imagine if your child was so strong that he could give you a ride on his back. Sorta changes the dynamic, doesn't it?
Hey, Kids! Come to the Alligator Pool Party!
Pool parties are the best. It’s a chance for kids to have some good old-fashioned fun playing with foam noodles and practicing belly flop techniques. Adults, too. But according to kids down in Florida, they’re even better when alligators are involved.
‘Up’-Themed Birthday Party Is Whimsically Adorable
It's really the little things that make Carl from the Pixar movie 'Up' the perfect party costume -- the tennis balls on that PVC pipe walker are not only functional, they're also accurate. Okay, *technically* the tennis balls should be on a cane, but what are you going to do, fill a kid up on cake t…
10 Cool Kids Rocking Out in Car Seats
Admit it-- you’ve definitely been caught once or twice passionately lip-synching in the car with awesome dance moves to match. In between drum solos, you catch the guy in the car next to you laughing his pants off at your antics, and you not-so-casually look away, pretending you were just swatting a…
8-Year-Old Boy Wreaks Havoc With Mom’s Car
An eight-year-old boy living in New York State is probably counting his blessings today. The local police have decided not to file any charges against the boy, or his family, after young Andrew Letts decided to take his mom’s car out for a joyride.
Precocious Piano Prodigy Will Blow Your Mind
This little kid will brighten your day, once you get over the crippling guilt of quitting piano lessons as a child so you wouldn't have to miss 'Tiny Toons.' He's only five years old, but he's an amazing pianist. Best of all, he's incredibly dramatic AND his feet barely…
Mom Does Happy Dance as Kids Head Back to School
After a long, hard summer of chasing after kids, there's no better time for parents than the first day of school. As proof, check out this mom who literally dances in the street as her grumpy kids board a bus to start a new school year. Go mom!
Boy Reunited With Long Lost Toy Thanks to eBay
Do NOT watch this if you don't want to cry. It's going to happen. A little boy lost his favorite stuffed animal on a family camping trip, and three years later his mom found it on eBay and surprised him with it. Tears ensue. Yours will as well...

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