Kate Upton

‘In the Way Guy’ Ruins All the Pictures
It started simply enough (as these things tend to do), with a redditor posting this picture with the headline "Tried to get a photo of our proposal ... nailed it!" On its own, it's pretty hilarious. But the internet wasn't done with this photobombing guy. Not yet.
High School Student Wants to Take Kate Upton to the Prom
Sometimes the best way to get something you want is to just ask.
Jake Davidson embraced that strategy when he invited Kate Upton to his high school prom. And, yes, that would be the same Kate Upton recently seen on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.
Kate Upton Teaches Jimmy Fallon How to Cat Daddy
The last time Kate Upton did the Cat Daddy on camera the video was so steamy it got pulled from YouTube. Eventually the video sharing site allowed it back up, because, as Upton pointed out, she was wearing the same bathing suit during the dance as she wore on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue co…
Kate Upton Talks About ‘Dougie’ Viral Video on Jimmy Kimmel
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover model Kate Upton has been all over the place lately. Her latest stop was 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' where the 19-year-old talked about her transition from champion equestrian rider to fashion model. So also spoke about the video of her doing the "Dougie"…