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Justin Bieber Loses Fight Against Glass Door Yet Again
This week began with stunning news that Justin Bieber, your little sister's favorite singer, may have beat up a full-sized adult paparazzo who was taking pictures of him and his girlfriend Selena Gomez.
Could it be that Bieber, who may not weigh more than 120 pounds, is actually a tough guy? Wel…
The 10 Best ‘Call Me Maybe’ Covers
Up until recently, you may not have heard of Carly Rae Jepsen, but suddenly she’s a household name. This is the kind of thing that will happen to a girl when she releases a song that Justin Bieber loves and everyone wants to lip sync to while mugging for a phone camera. Yep, she&apos…
Did Justin Bieber Beat Down a Paparazzo?
Justin Bieber is many things, but physically intimidating is not one of them. Nevertheless, the pint-sized Canadian pop star is being investigated for criminal battery against a paparazzo who he had a confrontation with Sunday in Calabasas, CA.
Justin Bieber Invites Fan to Be His Date to Billboard Awards
Encouraged by a few success stories, fans have been jumping on the bandwagon of trying to get their favorite celebrities to be their dates to a gala dance. After Jeremy Lin and Justin Timberlake, here's another girl who tried to get the other "Justin" to be her prom date. Although it didn'…
Pranked Texas Granny Demands Apology From Justin Bieber
Teen phenom Justin Bieber may have legions of fans, but 88-year-old Dilcie Fleming isn't among them. That's because a tweet from Bieber caused Fleming to be inundated by calls from fans looking to speak to him. Now the Texas grandmother is demanding an apology.
Justin Bieber Gets Beaten Up for ‘Complex’ Photo Shoot
Justin Bieber getting brutally beaten up is something his young fans would find extremely painful to watch, at the same providing his haters with some quality popcorn entertainment. But that's exactly what pop music's favorite whipping boy did for Complex magazine's 10th anniversary issue photoshoot…
Justin Bieber Goes Up Against Joustin’ Beaver
Justin Bieber gets made fun of a lot. It's part and parcel of being a big celebrity: people tease you for everything from your fashion choices to your music. And generally he takes it in good stride, considering he's seventeen and half the Internet makes fun of him on a daily basis. But…

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