Vietnamese Woman’s Face Ages 50 Years in Just a Few Days [VIDEO]
Every woman of a certain age knows the horror of waking up to find a few new wrinkles, but Nguyen Thi Phuong lived a worse nightmare. This 23-year-old Vietnamese woman woke up one morning three years ago and looked 50 years older than she was.
The young woman was given medication for a seafood allerg…
Girl Sneezes 39 Times in a Row [VIDEO]
A girl's minute-long sneezing fit was captured on film by another student in the art class in which the epic allergy attack went down.
Leryn, who allowed the video to be uploaded onto YouTube, violently sneezes a whopping 39 straight times. Some have suggested that she was faking it, b…
Drunk Man Tries to Pull His Own Tooth
There's drunk, really drunk and so drunk you think you're licensed to perform dentistry. A Port St. Lucie, Florida man was so liquored up he attempted to pull his own tooth, forcing his wife to call the cops to get him to stop.
Man Draws in His Sleep [VIDEO]
Of  all the things one can do while sleepwalking, Lee Hadwin seems to have found the most lucrative. Ever since he was a child, the 37-year-old has drawn sketches in his sleep, some of which have fetched sums of over $100,000.
Man Runs 50-Mile Marathon With Mouth Wired Shut
Brandon Mulnix wasn’t going to let a little thing like having his jaw wired shut get in the way of completing a 50-mile marathon.
The 32-year-old from Lowell, Michigan made it to the finish line of the 50 mile North Country Trail Run in roughly 12 hours, despite having his jaw wired shut ten days pri…