Good Deeds

Philadelphia Woman Could Be Fined For Giving Out Free Lunches
Talk about a good deed being punished. This summer, Angela Prattis has been handing out daily free lunches to about 60 kids in her Chester, PA neighborhood. These meals are the same ones they would be getting if their school was in session. Now she faces a fine of $600 a day for doing so becaus…
Goo Goo Dolls Bring Up Armless Fan For Amazing Live Performance
Whatever problems you have going on in life, they'll probably be either gone or dwindled down tremendously after watching 18-year-old George Dennehy in action.
Recently, the teen performed alongside the Goo Goo Dolls in concert at Musikfest 2012, where he played a flawless version of the ba…
Deceased Man’s Last Wish Raises Big Money For Waiters
Before 29-year-old Aaron Collins died about a month ago, he wrote a will which requested his family buy a pizza and leave the waiter or waitress an "awesome tip."
A week after his death, the Collins family obliged their departed love one and handed a stunned pizzeria waitress $500. The vide…
Woman Bravely Rescues Kids in Runaway Van
A quick-thinking woman bravely put herself in harm's way to rescue two children in a runaway van recently. And although the woman's rescue attempt didn't quite go according to plan, she somehow managed to stop the vehicle before it rolled into the middle of a busy intersection.

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