Good Deeds

College Student Returns $690 Million Check
Because his late father was an Air Force veteran, 22-year-old Allen Smith gets a check from the VA every month. The $650 helps pay his college expenses but, like many students, he could always use some more.
He got a lot more earlier this month, when he opened his VA check and was staring right at th…
Heroic Firefighters Save Family Dog
It's a fact that firefighters will go to extreme lengths to save lives, and now comes a story of heroic first responders who rescued a beloved family pet from the brink of death.
High School Football Team Makes Special Needs Student Manager
Sure, high schoolers can be cruel sometimes. But every now and then, young people will rally around someone who's different and give them the support they need. Students at Linden High School in Michigan, for example, have appointed a senior with special needs as the school's football…
Best Boss Ever Gives Employees Huge Bonus After Retiring
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When Howard Cooper sold his Ann Arbor, Michigan car dealership earlier this year he made sure employee retention was part of the deal.
In these tough economic times, that alone would make him a hero to Howard Cooper Import Center's 89 workers. But the 8…
Flight of the Conchords Returns to Record Charity Single
It's been about three years since we last saw the musical comedy duo Flight of the Conchords together. Since then, Bret McKenzie has won an Academy Award for his original song 'Man or Muppet' for 'The Muppets,' and Jemaine Clement was in 'Men in Black 3.' That&apos…
Prince William Saves Young Woman In Heroic Helicopter Rescue
Move over Prince Eric and tell Hercules to stop the presses, there's a real-life Disney prince that will jump to a damsel in distress's aid! England's hunky Prince William took on the role of a living, breathing Prince Charming last Thursday when he rushed to the aid of a young woman.

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