Good Deeds

Chances Are This LEGO Video Will Make You Cry
Well, this is basically the perfect recipe for tears. A young boy with Asperger's Syndrome who plays with LEGOs to improve his social skills had a dilemma. He saved all of his money for two years to buy a LEGO train set, but by the time he had enough money, it was discontinued...
Man Trying to Get Used to Rejection Gets Sweet Surprise
Rejection stinks. Most of us can be sensitive creatures, so we never really get used to that awful feeling, but one guy is on a mission to completely desensitize himself to rejection. He's not a cold-hearted dude, either. Jia Jiang is an entrepreneur who's basically asking strangers for "crazy …
Men Raise $20,000 for Charity With Goofy Webcast
In a heartwarming and wacky video sure to bring you some Christmas spirit, two Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, men acted like buffoons for 24 hours, and in exchange the world gave them money. It's like you want to make fun of them, but then they raised $20,000 for Toys for Tots.
Indianapolis Colts Shave Heads to Honor Cancer Stricken Coach
It's been quite a season for the Indianapolis Colts. Led by rookie quarterback Andrew Luck, they find themselves 5 and 3, a surprising improvement from last year when they were among the league's worst teams.
The Colts have been quick to credit their first year head coach Chuck Pagano for setting the…

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