Good Deeds

Arlington, Texas Lets Young Cancer Patient Be Batman For a Day
Do-gooders often dress up like superheroes such as Batman and entertain sick kids at the hospital. But seven-year-old Kye wanted more than just a chance to meet the Caped Crusader. A cancer patient from Arlington, TX, Kye wanted to be Batman.
So the non-profit group Wish with Wings, alongside the Arl…
Hero Mayor Corey Booker Rescues Woman From Fire
Newark mayor Corey Booker arrived home last night to find his neighbors' home on fire. His security detail, led by officer Alex Rodriguez, had preceded him home and had already gotten most of the residents out of the burning building.
But one more woman remained, and when Booker heard this, he i…
Evicted 101-Year-Old Woman Finally Has Her Home Back
Detroit woman Texana Hollis was evicted from the home her late husband bought over 60 years ago last September when her son failed to pay property taxes linked to a reserve mortgage.
Two days after she was kicked to the curve, HUD, the federal agency who did the kicking, reversed course and decided t…
Lamborghini Driving Batman Is a Real Hero to Sick Kids
A video of a man wearing an awesome Batman suit whose black Lamborghini was pulled over in Maryland for not having proper tags went viral last week. And why wouldn't it?
Well, it turns out the man behind the mask isn't really Bruce Wayne, despite having a couple hundred grand to blow on a fine Italia…

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