Gangnam Style

Baby Mesmerized by ‘Gangnam Style’
Everyone wants to take a crack at ‘Gangnam Style’ these days-- Klingons, Elmo, even the US Naval Academy. But the latest person under the PSY spell isn’t out to parody the Korean star’s mega-hit. In fact, the adorable little dude is just mesmeriz…
Watch Elmo Dance ‘Gangnam Style’
Turns out even Muppets like Psy. Video footage of Sirius radio host Jennifer Koppelman Hutt and Elmo dancing along to 'Gangnam Style' has surfaced. They both do a pretty good job at the dance (though can anyone surpass Psy?), and Elmo seems into it...
Awesome Cats Go ‘Gangnam Style’
We still can’t quite decide if ‘Gangnam Style’ is hilarious or slightly nightmare-inducing. One thing is for sure though--the mega-hit is straight up addicting, although we’re not exactly sure why.
North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un Takes Over Gangnam Style
The video for the PSY song 'Gangnam Style' now has over 250 million views on YouTube and is the most "liked" clip in the video-sharing site's history. All this attention on the dance tune has really put K-pop and South Korea in the spotlight. This isn't sitting well with Kim Jong-un, the l…

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