Man Breaks Into Celine Dion’s House, Raids Fridge
The man who broke into Celine Dion's home in the Montreal suburbs earlier this week seemed to have little interest in the pop star, but his heart did go on for her stocked fridge and warm bathtub.
Neither Dion or her husband Rene Angelil, who live most of the year in Florida, were home when the 36-ye…
US Open Spectator Spotted With Sock in His Mouth [PICTURE]
Concessions at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens, New York are notoriously pricey, but that's still no good reason for fans attending the US Open to chow down on their own socks for nourishment.
A Deadspin reader snapped this photo during Donald Young's straight set victory o…
Woman Inadvertently Gets Coworkers High on Pot Brownies
A Canadian woman thought she was doing a workplace solid by bringing a batch of brownies she found stashed in her freezer into the office and sticking them in the communal fridge.
But after three of her co-workers had to be hospitalized with symptoms of light-headedness, numbness in the limbs and dis…
Little Duckling Eats a Big Pizza [VIDEO]
In the clip below, a little fuzzy duckling has an unlikely nosh: a large pizza.
If this video makes you go, "Mmm, duck pizza," you're not alone: The YouTuber who posted the recording of his pet going to town on a loaded Pizza Hut pie actually disabled all YouTube comments &…
10 Amazing Lunch Boxes
If you don’t want your kids braving the mystery meat this school year, the first thing you need is a super-cool lunchbox. Here are some of our faves:

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