Cold Cut Stadium Is What the Super Bowl is All About [IMAGE]
What's the Super Bowl about, really? Unless you're a supporter of one of the two teams participating (or have a very large wager on the game) even serious sports fans can get caught up in all the chili-baking, party-attending, big-screen-TV-buying hoopla surrounding this unofficial national holiday.
Taggie Smartphone App Helps Kids Make Smart Food Choices [VIDEO]
If you're someone who wants your kids to know more about food -- something we should all know more about -- you'll probably find a new app in development pretty interesting.
Taggie, the brainchild of recent Dutch design school graduate Niels van Hoof, uses your smartphone camera to scan a barcode of …
5 Ridiculously Expensive Foods
We suddenly became hungry -- and wanted a bigger paycheck -- after reading about wacky, overpriced foods like the $1,000 jam and the world's most expensive chocolate pudding. But this is far from the first time someone's had the bright idea to charge thousands of dollars for high-end victuals.
In fac…
New Song Celebrates Pizza Becoming a Vegetable
Recently, Congress made a controversial decision that was tantamount to declaring pizza a vegetable.
To bring clarity to the issue -- to who Congress is and to pizza's new categorization -- Jonathan Mann has written a short diddy.
Baby and Cat Engage In Epic Face-Off Over Potato Chip [VIDEO]
This baby fights dirty in his battle with the family cat for a potato chip that has fallen onto the floor. After solidifying his spot in the food chain by besting the feline, the tot then gets dirty and eats the chip right off of the carpet. That's just cold, baby. Also, disgusting. W…

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