Cold Cut Stadium Is What the Super Bowl is All About [IMAGE]
What's the Super Bowl about, really? Unless you're a supporter of one of the two teams participating (or have a very large wager on the game) even serious sports fans can get caught up in all the chili-baking, party-attending, big-screen-TV-buying hoopla surrounding this unofficial national holiday.
Taggie Smartphone App Helps Kids Make Smart Food Choices [VIDEO]
If you're someone who wants your kids to know more about food -- something we should all know more about -- you'll probably find a new app in development pretty interesting.
Taggie, the brainchild of recent Dutch design school graduate Niels van Hoof, uses your smartphone camera to scan a barcode of …
5 Ridiculously Expensive Foods
We suddenly became hungry -- and wanted a bigger paycheck -- after reading about wacky, overpriced foods like the $1,000 jam and the world's most expensive chocolate pudding. But this is far from the first time someone's had the bright idea to charge thousands of dollars for high-end victuals.
In fac…

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