Fast Food

Pizza Hut Attacks Your Arteries With Cheeseburger Pizza
Have you ever (and we can't imagine why you would) had a hankering for both pizza and cheeseburgers at the same time? If so, then Pizza Hut's new cheeseburger Crown Crust Pizza, which comes studded with 12 mini cheeseburgers and topped with ground beef, veggies and special sauce, may be ri…
Woman Calls 911 to Report ‘Nasty’ Hardee’s Burger
Donna Marie Nichols isn't the first person to use 911 to lodge a complaint about her fast food order. By our count Burger King, McDonald's and Subway have all driven patrons to turn to emergency services.
But, as far as we know, this Tennessee woman is the first person to call 911 on Hardee…
Taco Bell ‘Pockets’ Commercial – What’s the Song?
Today, Taco Bell unleashed on the public its brilliant mash-up of late night munchies. Starting at midnight, Facebook fans of Taco Bell, and anyone else who was in the know, could stop by to try their new Doritos Locos Tacos. It’s like the walking taco you don’t have to DIY and you can eat without a…
Happy 100th Birthday, Oreos! Here Are Some Fun Facts
Oreos are the most popular cookies in the United States, with Americans scarfing down some 25 billion of the chocolate sandwich confections every year. And since this week marks Oreo's 100th birthday, we thought we'd celebrate with some facts and lore.

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