Fast Food

Canadian KFC Serves Up Raw Chicken Burger
When you remove a fast food burger from its wrapper and bite down, you are taking it on faith that there isn't something really disgusting between the buns.
Last week a KFC diner in the Toronto-area paid for this faith. As you can see, he took a big bite of his chicken burger only to find that s…
Tragedy! McDonald’s Delays McRib Release
Bad news for fans of the porky substance that is McDonald's McRib sandwich. Instead of being sold beginning on October 22nd, as was initially planned, the limited time offering won't hit markets until late December. Bah humbug!
Woman Loses Nearly 80 Pounds on Starbucks Diet
Starbucks isn't especially known for its healthy eating options, but a Virginia woman claims to have lost nearly 80 pounds by consuming nothing but food from the coffee chain. If that's true, this is a diet we actually might consider ourselves. (But we're not giving up our beloved Caf…
Baskin-Robbins Now Offering Ice Cream Nachos
You can call them by their proper name, "Waffle Chip Dippers," all you want. Those, friends, are ice cream nachos. Baskin-Robbins is selling them at select locations for $2.99, which is significantly less than the cost of nachos that aren't made out of ice cream, last we check…
Chipotle Has Been Stealing Your Pennies
On the one hand, fast food chain Chipotle has been taking more money from their customers than they're technically owed. On the other hand, we knew those enormous burritos were too good to be true. It turns out the company has been rounding up prices on tickets and keeping the change.
Hilarious Five Guys Burger Review Gets the Autotune Treatment
Recently a video review that YouTube personality Daym Drops did of Five Guys Burgers and Fries went viral, thanks to Drops' enthusiastic embrace of the restaurant chain's greasy fare.
While the video is quite entertaining, it's six minutes long, a tough sell in today's climate of instant gratificatio…

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