Bridal Party Photo Session Ends In Hilarious Disaster [VIDEO]
A bridal party is asked to pose together on a bed by the wedding photographer and promptly breaks the furniture with their combined weight. While the bride takes it all with good humor, that can't be a good omen for the nuptials. Watch a hilariously awkward bridesmaids photo op below.
Would-Be Stage Diver Fails to Make It to Stage Edge
A young lady finds out that high heels aren't the best footwear for stage diving. Before she even makes it to the edge of the stage, she stumbles to the floor. Although if her real intention was to get the attention of the drummer, then mission accomplished.
Singer’s Fall Makes The Music Stop [VIDEO]
Singer Ilenia Palmas falls during a performance on Italian TV, bringing a concert to a complete stop. We're not sure if this is because the video was edited, or because Palmas' fall made it too awkward to carry on. Watch below.
Misspelled Tattoo Means a Lifetime of Regret [PHOTO]
There's nothing wrong with an inspirational tattoo, but a spelling error can mean a lifetime of regret and ridicule. A Huffington Post reader recently submitted a photo of himself which shows brand-new ink that should have read "Believe and Achieve." However, it's missing…
Evanescence Singer Amy Lee Takes a Tumble During Concert [VIDEO]
Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee was so caught up in singing during the finale of a recent show, that she forgot how to walk backwards. Thankfully, she makes an impressively quick recovery. Evanescence should really consider incorporating more falls into their shows. Clearly Amy has a future as a Cirq…

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