University Dismisses Entire Student Body In Mass Email Fail
Every semester, college students find out whether or not their grades will keep them in good standing at their university. Recently, students at Eastern Michigan University received a disturbing email.
"As a result of your Winter 2012 academic performance, you have been dismissed from Eastern Mi…
Rude Baseball Fans Steal Foul Ball From Kid, Make Him Cry
In this video, a pint-sized baseball fan misses a foul ball at a game between the Yankees and the Rangers and sobs hysterically for failing to snag the prize. Even worse, two adult fans next to him proudly display the ball while the youngster bawls his eyes out. Far be it from us to use a word like …
10 Tanning Fails That Will Make You Blush, If You Can
The weather can make it tough to get a golden tan all year 'round. So when you need that sun-kissed look at the wrong time of year, you have to take matters into your own hands. It is not at all uncommon to turn to tanning beds, self-applied tans or spray tans, but these don’t always go the way they…
Man Tests Bulletproof Vest By Shooting Himself [NSFW]
There are many ways to test bulletproof technology. The classic way is, of course, to actually shoot it. But as a rule, you're not wearing it and you're not shooting it point blank at your stomach. WARNING: stupidity and highly NSFW language ahead!
This Is Why You Shouldn’t Walk and Text
Texting and walking is a pretty bad idea, particularly when you're walking down steps. Which is something the young lady in the background of this live CBC report is bound to remember the next time she tries to look at her phone while navigating a short flight of concrete stairs.

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