13 Hilarious Water Slide ‘Fails’
If 'America's Funniest Home Videos'' 22 seasons are any indication, Americans love laughing at other people's pain. And what's funnier than when someone is expecting to have fun, only to be sorely disappointed? For this reason, water slide accidents are absolutely hilar…
Watch the Funniest Car Wash Fail Videos
It would seem that stupid people are seeping out of the cracks at a higher rate with each passing day if these car wash fail videos are to be believed. As you'll shortly discover, you don't even need a car to do something stupid at a car wash. All you need is a lack of common sense and, of course, t…
10 Brave Reporters Stuck In Hurricanes
Hurricanes are no laughing matter. The destructive storms can bring heavy rains, strong winds and tons of damage to both people and places. Brave newscasters are thrust into the field to report on how bad the winds are, how people should stay indoors and the latest damage attributed to the storm. At…
The Worst Fashions on Pinterest
Pinterest is a place to post fashion that inspires you. But all too often we come across pins on Pinterest that are just so awful and ugly, we can't imagine they were the source of anyone's inspiration. We scoured the website for the best (or worst) fashion "fails." Most of the "fails…
Second Hypnotist Called in When Students Remain in Trance
Maxime Nadeau might be relatively new to the hypnotism game but he clearly has some skills. In fact, during a recent show he did at a girls' high school in Sherbooke, Que, he put several students in such a deep trance that they couldn't be revived.
As the minutes turned hours…
Watch Models Fall In Ultimate ‘Runway Fail’ Supercut
Is there anything more cringeworthy (and funny) than a runway model taking a spill? All of the models in this supercut do their best to maintain poise, but each of them takes a fall, sometimes with painful-looking results. Go ahead and laugh. It's only natural.
Cheerleader’s Kick Doesn’t End Well
There are two things you should know about cheerleaders. One, they are serious athletes. And, two, is that cheerleading is by far the most dangerous sport for high school and college girls in terms of injuries suffered.

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