Wet Driveway Foils Prankster [VIDEO]
A dad's attempt to sneak up on his daughter and frighten her ends in hilarious failure when he slips on a wet driveway and lands on his face. Watch the prankster pop take a tumble below:
Ouch! Bike Racer Completely Forgets About Hurdle
When it comes to traditional forms of bike racing, staying on the bike is rule number one. With Cyclocross on the other hand, dismounting and dodging obstacles is par for the course. While we're sure Cyclocross is tons of fun, from the looks of this video, it can also be pretty painful if, like Joey…
Hot Girl Fails Supercut [VIDEO]
Perhaps a more accurate title for this post would be "compilation of women who are probably attractive fails" because, really, you're don't get that good a look at many of the video's stars before they bite it.

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