Nephew Sues Uncle for Posting Embarrassing Photo on Facebook
Family dinners for one Minnesota clan probably got a lot more uncomfortable after an uncle was sued for posting embarrassing photos of his nephew on Facebook. Unfortunately for the embarrassed nephew, it seems that a district court says the lawsuit has no merit.
5 Things You Need to Know About ‘Angry Birds’ on Facebook
'Angry Birds' fans have a major reason to celebrate today. Rovio Entertainment's hugely popular multi-platform game is now available on Facebook, a full day before it was expected to be released.
But before you log into Facebook and begin smashing pigs in earnest, you may want to learn…
Pigs Beware! Angry Birds Is Now on Facebook
2012's biggest Valentine's Day surprise has nothing to do with flowers or chocolates. 'Angry Birds,' the sling-shot strategy game which has been downloaded more than 500 million times since 2009 is now available on Facebook.
10 Things You Didn’t Know About Facebook
Unless you have a lot of spare time on your hands and enjoy reading privacy policies and terms of use, there are probably many things about Facebook that you aren't aware of. Here are ten things you probably didn't know about the agreement between you (the user) and Facebook.
Timeline Movie Maker Makes Facebook’s New Layout Less Horrible
Facebook Timeline is here, whether all you zombies of the Zuckerberg nation like it or not.
And although most of the initial response to the new layout has been negative, a Facebook add-on called Timeline Movie Maker, which plays all of your Facebook memories as a video montage, actually looks like i…
Facebook’s Timeline Is Here — So How Do You Use It? [VIDEO]
After a few months in private trials, Facebook launched its Timeline feature to the masses on Thursday. In a nutshell, it lets you view people's photos and status updates from days long past instead of just showing you what they've done or posted most recently. Basically, it's the Facebook equivalen…
Find Out Where Facebook Is Hiding Your Important Messages
Did you know that any message sent to you on Facebook which isn't from a friend or a friend of a friend gets filtered into an "other" subfolder?
Most people don't, and this means you probably have dozens of messages sitting on your Facebook page that you've never look…

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