Dumb Criminals

World’s Dumbest Teen Thief Gets Arm Stuck in Vending Machine
On Saturday, yet another person fell prey to modern convenience when he became hopelessly stuck in a vending machine. But this California teen wasn't an innocent victim like this similarly-trapped two-year-old. Instead, the 17-year-old was trying to steal a soda at the time. That'll teach …
Pennsylvania Woman Hides in Suitcase to Escape Cops
When we pack for a getaway, we fill our suitcase with swim trunks and suntan lotion. But 28-year-old Pennsylvania woman Charley Fretz packed a suitcase with herself in an attempt to evade police on Wednesday. Needless to say, her creative method of escape didn't work.
Drunk Dad Lets 10-Year-Old Son Drive
A tipsy pop is in hot water after reportedly allowing his 10-year-old son to act as his designated driver. (Yes, you read that right.) Even worse, we've seen this sort of  thing before.
Drunk Driver Had Monkey In His Truck
Any police officer will tell you that dealing with a drunk driver can be extremely strange. After all, drunk people aren't noted for their calm, reasonable reactions to a stressful situation, or their refusal to engage in ridiculous hijinks. Still, one drunk driver might take the cake, consid…
10 Dumb Criminals Caught In the Act
While intelligence isn't a prerequisite for a life of crime, it certainly would've helped these ten boneheaded scofflaws. One clumsy bank robber shoots himself in the foot, a thief can't figure out how to operate a door as a means of escape and another gets hopelessly stuck while trying to break int…

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