Police Officers Rescue Ducklings for Nervous Mother Duck
What would you do if you saw a duck pacing back and forth and quacking nervously? (We'd probably be really confused -- what's a duck doing in our living room??) Fortunately, the police and animal control officers in the video above were able to make sense out of the situation, and rescue a…
Brave Ducklings Cross Busy Highway
Hold onto your butts -- we hear that's the best place to hold onto if you're worried an internet video is making you have a panic attack. This video of a family of ducks trying to cross a busy highway is not for the faint of heart. Even with the caveat that this is a nerve-wracking bit of …
Baby Duckling Adorably Follows Man In the Park
Ducks don't get as much attention for being adorable as cats or dogs, but when videos like this come along, you can't help but wonder why. Here's a young duckling who follows YouTube user matizhan around in a park. Obviously he found it cute, which is why he captured the moment on vid…
Man Rescues Adorable Ducklings
Duckling are, as we all know, completely adorable. But they're also, well, babies, and they're not exactly able to fly yet.
Which, when you take refuge in someone's heated pool on a rainy day, can be a bit of a problem. A cute problem, but a problem.
It’s Dog Versus Duck In War for Feed Bowl
This white shepherd is trying to enjoy his kibbles 'n bits when he sees a duck approach. The pooch must've been well-acquainted with the duck's food-stealing ways because he immediately puts his feed bowl in his mouth and moves it away from the aggressive bird.
White House Security Reunites Ducklings With Mother
The White House grounds may be highly restricted, but as the world learned recently, ducks get a free pass. On Wednesday, White House security guards helped eight ducklings reunite with a mother duck who had squeezed through a security fence and made it onto the White House lawn.