Adorable Dog Prays Before Meal
In general, dogs aren't known for decorum around the dinner table, but this respectful pooch actually takes a moment to pray before noshing on a bowl of food. Could you imagine a cat giving thanks before a meal? Never gonna happen.
Adorable Orphaned Lamb Adopted by Dalmation
A melt-your-heart baby lamb has gained a new momma in South Australia's Barossa Valley. The rare spotted lamb's real mother rejected her baby, leaving co-owner John Bolton's Dalmatian to raise, and the bond has viewers all over the world squealing in delight after watching the video.
Cat Escapes Dog By Hopping on Surfboard
The latest chapter in the ongoing battle between dogs and cats contains quite the aquatic twist. What we have is a dog chasing a cat toward a swimming pool. It looks like it's either get wet or fight for the feline.
Jesse the Jack Russell Is the World’s Most Useful Dog
Adorable pup Jesse the Jack Russell has been wowing the internet for the last couple years with his dizzying array of "useful" dog tricks. Now, the highly trainable canine is back for his third installment of the video series. Check out Jesse, who also appeared in the mov…
Neighborhood Chihuahua Sniffs Out Lost Kids
We've all heard of rescue dogs, but we never thought this particular canine would end up saving the day.
Charley Pargo, 8, her little sister Lacey, 5, and her best friend Victoria Baker were taking their family dog Lucy for a walk down the cul-de-sac where they lived. When they got to the end of…
Talking ‘I Love You’ Puppy Is Too Sweet For Words
Every time we think of French Bulldogs we think of Sofia Vergara on 'Modern Family' describing Stella as a "little French Bulldog with the pointy ears and the smushy face," and our hearts just melt. But it looks like this little guy, all dolled up in what looks like an em…
Crazy French Bulldog Chases Laser Pointer
In this cute video, an adorable bulldog named Hammie goes bonkers as she obsessively chases after a laser pointer. This doesn't look like just a simple case of playtime, however. This crazy pooch seems like she's on a serious mission to end all laser pointers.
Silly Dog Sits on Little Boy’s Head
Dogs may be man's best friend, but no one's ever accused them of being smart. Take, for example, this video of a silly dog who absentmindedly sits on a young boy's head. We're just glad it wasn't our head.
The Best of ‘White Dog Problems’
White people have all sorts of problems, like what to wear to polo tournaments, on boats, or how to shop for organic mayonnaise. (See the Rich Kids of Instagram Tumblr.) Not surprisingly, man’s best friend, the dog, has experienced similar conflicts in his life.

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