Tearjerker Alert! Dog and Returning Soldier Reunite
We’re suckers for heartwarming dog stories. Last week, we brought you the German shepherd who’s been guarding his owner’s grave for six years. Luckily for us, yet another sappy puppy story has surfaced, this time courtesy of Jasmine the St. Bernard.
The Best of the ‘Animals with Glasses’ Tumblr
If you put any sort of human accessory on an animal, you better believe we’ll love it. Remember those rats in miniature hats and cats in feline-couture costumes? Well, we’ve discovered yet another furry style statement: glasses. Say hello to the ‘Animals with Glasses’ Tumblr, which features…well, an…
Loyal Dog Guards Owner’s Grave for Six Years
Captain the German shepherd gives new meaning to the phrase "man’s best friend." Soon after the dog’s owner, Miguel Guzman, passed away in 2006, Captain vanished from his home in central Argentina. The Guzman’s painstakingly searched …
The Cutest Kitten and Puppy Cams on the Web
Let’s face it, the internet is good for many things.  Seeing status updates from Aunt Gladys talking about going to the gym to impress her new creepo boyfriend is not one of them. Take the sting out of an unfortunate Facebook TMI with some of the internet’s best …
Porter the Bulldog Is No Fan of Leashes
Everyone loves bulldogs, whether they're dapper or just being fussy, or even, in the case of Porter the English bulldog, royally miffed. Porter hates his leash so much, and he's throwing a fit about it. It sounds a bit like an alien from outer space, but he's cute enough that we'…
Hero Dog Ignores Handler, Saves Missing Doctor
We train our animals to be loyal and obedient, so it tends to irk us when our furry friends refuse to listen. But every once in awhile, we're grateful to our animals when they make the choice to disobey us. Enter Chase, Suffolk county's latest hero pooch and bad listener.
Intrepid Dog Makes 500-Mile Journey to Find Owner
NeedlUnfortunately your browser does not support IFrames.
Dogs may be Sith Lord-battling, ice cream-loving, tail-chasing goofballs, but every now and then a pooch accomplishes a truly amazing feat. Take Bucky, for example, a black Labrador who traveled an astounding 500 miles to find its owner.
Vader Taken Out By Own Lightsaber, Dog
Darth Vader is lord of the Dark Side, second only to the Emperor in his power and command of the more dangerous side of the Force. This apparently means that he doesn't know which end of his lightsaber to use and can be taken down by an enthusiastic dog.
Ecstatic Pup Can’t Contain His Excitement For Ice Cream
Remember that feeling you got as a kid when you heard the ice cream man coming down your street? The excitement for a strawberry shortcake Popsicle made you look like ants were in your pants as you flagged down the truck. The adorable pooch in this video knows exactly what we’re talk…
The Best of Dogs Eating Peanut Butter
Among the list of things we love most in this world, dogs and peanut butter rank toward the top. When the two are combined, it’s impossible not to think we have died and gone to doggy heaven. Think about it: if humans can’t get a grip on avoiding the whole peanut-butter-stuck-on-the-roof-of-our-mout…
Is Fussy Bulldog Puppy Bentley the Internet’s New Mascot?
Eight-week-old bulldog puppy Bentley is slowly taking over the internet, which we are more than fine with. He's only better than Carly Rae Jepson by like a million. A million whats, you ask? Stop asking questions -- he's a puppy and he's fussy. And did we also mention that he's A…
The Best of the ‘Dogshaming’ Tumblr
How many times have you come home and caught your pooch red-handed eating your favorite pair of shoes or trashing the kitchen floor with last night's dinner left in the garbage can? Of course, a natural reaction would be to yell at the little monster. But then the puppy face emerges-- the "I'm …

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