Poland Hosts Hilarious Wiener Dog Parade
Today marks the day Poland made our list of awesome countries. Why? They openly celebrate their love of weiner dogs! No, seriously. These folks have no shame, and they showed their affection by dressing up and parading around their Dachshunds like the grumpy bundles of cuteness they are.
Surfing Dogs Hang Ten at ‘Surf City’
That's Sugar, the surf dog riding the biggest wave ever by a dog his size in a small dog surfing contest. It happened this weekend at Surf City Surf Dog -- a weekend-long event in Huntingdon Beach, California. We've got lots of pictures of the event too, which means you get to experience t…
‘The Daily Show’ Workplace Goes to the Dogs
There’s no reason to believe Jon Stewart is anything but really, really cool. He’s a pro at the alphabet game, after all! Although this might be difficult to comprehend, we’ve discovered the funny guy has reached an entirely new level of awesome. And i…
Adorable Corgi Puppy Battles Door Stop
So far, we've seen corgis take a hike, get stuck climbing stairs, catch treats in slow motion and cover 'Call me Maybe.' But this video of a corgi puppy battling a door stop beats all others in terms of sheer cuteness. In fact, we're starting to wonder if corgis are just playing …
New Puppy Cam Features Adoptable Puppies!
Here at TheFW, we love a good puppy cam. (They're pretty much one of the many magical wonders of the internet.) So naturally, our hearts melted when we heard about the latest one featuring a dog named Hope, and her six wiggling, squirmy, adoptable pit mix puppies born September 2nd.
Florida Man Wrestles Gator to Save Beloved Dog
We already knew that dogs love their masters, but how far will a pet owner go to protect their beloved pooch? In Florida, a 66-year-old grandfather recently wrestled a seven-foot alligator to save his West Highland Terrier. Answer is, pretty far, apparently.
Adorable Puppy Not Sure If Lemon Is Friend or Foe
If this isn't the cutest thing you see all day, then your job must entail photographing kittens in sinks. What you're about to experience in the following clip is what happens when you put an adorable Bernese Mountain Dog puppy named Nila in front of a slice of citrus fruit.
25 Hilarious Animal ‘Photobombs’
Photobombs are the (often intoxicated) work of a dude who stealthily weasels his way into your photographs, completely marring what would've been a nice clean picture of you and your boo on your romantic vacation.
But it doesn't stop here. This snapshot wrecking ball genius has pets.
‘Bark Ops’ Shows the Cute Side of War
'Call of Duty: Black Ops' has sold more copies than any video game in US history and the gaming community anxiously awaits 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2', which is set for a November 13th release.
So obviously the folks at Activision, who make the game, are doing something right. However after watching …
Animals Cover Their Eyes In Cutest Movie Supercut Ever
According to an old entertainment adage you should "never work with children or animals." If these movie producers had gotten that memo, the world would lack this adorable movie supercut. More importantly, we would never get to experience the phenomenon of 20 years worth of humans behaving…

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