Barcelona Man Lives in a Tiny, Transforming Apartment
Christian Schallert of Barcelona, Spain lives in what many would consider to be a very small apartment, just 258 square feet. As you can see, he's still got everything a human being needs to live — a full kitchen, a bed, tables, and even a TV room — hidden in a special wall he built…
NASA Corn Maze Patterns Are Out of This World [PHOTOS]
When you hear about crop circles, the first thing that immediately pops to mind is strange, unexplainable alien patterns encoded in farmland. So what better way to celebrate NASA's rich history of space exploration than with some amazing corn maze crop circles?
Bizarre iPhone Case Looks Like a Human Face
These iPhone cases, made to look like the side of a human face, make it appear as if a person isn't really talking on the telephone. They're just, you know, hanging out with their hand up to their face doing who knows what. Kind of quirky.
Awesome Interactive Chart of Every Crayola Crayon Color Ever
If you had a box of Crayolas as a kid, chances are the words "Burnt Siena" and "Goldenrod" evoke some nostalgic memories.
Crayola introduced crayons to the world back in 1903. At that point, there were just eight colors per box. Within two years, the number of crayons more than tr…

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