Watch an Amazing ‘Tron’-Inspired Dance
Japan's Wrecking Crew Orchestra are known in their native land for, among other things, appearing in an ad for Sony.
But the world got a taste of their unique talents this week when a video of the troupe performing a colorful 'Tron'-inspired dance went viral.
Dancing Vancouver Canucks Kid Will Make You a LMFAO Fan
Sometimes during sporting events the most interesting action takes place in the crowd. That goes double for when the highly danceable song 'Sexy And I Know It' is played. Watch one young hockey fan use LMFAO's ode to self-confidence to really get the Rogers Arena in Vancouve…
The Best Dance Videos of 2011
When you point a camera at someone who is dancing, lots of good and/or hilarious things can happen.
Here are our favorite dance videos of 2011. Check them all out below and then vote for which one you think is best. (For more on each video, click on the titles in blue.)
Man Pushed Off the London Subway For Dancing [VIDEO]
A man on the London Underground seemed to be entertaining the other passengers with a wild interpretative dance that he was able to perform without the benefit of any music. And then some guy pushes him off. No cool, bro. Haven' you heard the classic song 'Don't Disturb This…

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