10 Nightmare-Inducing Eyelid Tattoos
Getting a tattoo is an awesome way to express oneself, but a decent amount of thought should go into getting inked because, well, they're permanent. We'll take a wild guess and say you might not be a fan of that eyelid tattoo in a couple decades, either.
Man Scans Ants Eating His Scanner
The term "bug", in computer lingo, comes from one of the first computer errors, where the computer operator literally found a cockroach in its guts. Since then, "bugs" tend to be programming errors, and insects largely stay out of computers. Unless you put them …
Trees Grown to Look Like People Are Way Creepy [PICTURES]
Depending on their surroundings, some trees grow abnormally, with their trunk and branches conforming to nearby debris or blockages.
Former jeweler Peter "Pook" Cook has perfected a process to replicate this himself and actually "sculpt" growing trees into specific formations. Coo…