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The Worst Comic Books Starring Musicians
When the lead in your comic book is Vanilla Ice, it's safe to say you have one of the worst comic books of all time. And yet, publishers and musicians have been teaming up for bizarre comic book mash-ups for years.
Marvel Comics Creates Deaf Superhero for Hearing-Impaired Boy
After four-year-old Anthony Smith, who is deaf in one ear and has hearing loss in the other, refused to wear a hearing aid because such things aren't becoming of superheroes, mother Christina D'Allessandro wrote to Marvel Comics asking for help. In response, Marvel created a brand-new hearing-impair…
Meet Extrano, the Gay Superhero DC Comics Would Rather You Forget
Hot on the heels of Marvel Comics superhero Northstar tieing the knot with his longtime boyfriend, comes news that DC Comics is outing one of their major superheroes. Gay superheroes are nothing new: Northstar has been out since the '90s, while DC has had a lesbian Batwoman for years.
However, the fo…
Shia LaBeouf’s Self-Published Comic Books Are Insane
Actors want to be athletes, athletes want to be movie stars and everyone wants to sing. However, usually when an entertainer tries his or her hand in another field of entertainment, the results aren't very good. (Although they can be quite entertaining.)
Shia LaBeouf, a very famous actor thanks to fi…
20 Hilariously Awful ‘Lois Lane’ Comic Book Covers
Comic books have not always been the enlightened bastions of feminism they are now. Back in the '50s and '60s, they were...let's just say they were a reflection of the times. And just like Superman could be a real jerk, Lois Lane had her less-than-PC moments too. A lot of the...
Help an Ailing Mom Get Her Wonder Woman Car Back
You'd think that being a superhero would make you immune to the attention of car thieves, but, no. Recently, a superfan who's been known to occasionally dress like Wonder Woman had her superhero-themed car stolen. Where's Toronto's Batman when you need him?

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