Is the ‘Facekini’ the New Summer Fashion Trend?
While some people rely on traditional things like hats and umbrellas to avoid the sun, beachgoers in China have taken protection from the sun a step further with masks called the Facekini. Never mind that it makes them look like Mexican wrestlers.
Cyclist Rides One-Wheeled Bike Like a Boss [VIDEO]
Everybody in China rides bicycles. True, they've been warming up to cars in recent years, but you'll still find far more two-wheelers there than in the US. Decades of relying on bikes has made the Chinese expert cyclists to the point where some can ride on just one wheel. "Do you …
Pole Dancing for Men Gaining Popularity in China [VIDEO]
Pole dancing-as-exercise is no longer strictly for women. Recently, the fitness trend has begun popping up in gyms across Beijing, 'Today' reports.
Gym owners say pole dancing is a great way to stay fit, and some Chinese men are embracing it as a way to build up abs, arms and upper-body str…
Entire Counterfeit Apple Store Uncovered in China [PHOTOS]
Given the Chinese population's well-documented love of Apple products -- and the Chinese government's well-documented disregard for copyright laws -- it should come as no surprise that there are many counterfeit iPads floating around the land of a billion plus.
But an entire fake Apple store, selling…