10 Awesome Examples of ‘Cat Bearding’
Since Movember is long gone, we're experiencing a bit of 'stache withdrawal. Things just don't seem right when there isn't an abundance of facial hair on the web. But as our luck would have it, cats have swooped in to save us from our beardless blues.
The Best of the Business Cat Meme
Our favorite furry feline friend is long overdue for a meme round-up. Meet 'Business Cat,' the very professional kitty that can't seem to let go of his animal tendencies.
'Business Cat' seems like your typical serious boss at first. It should come as no surprise, however, that his requests tend to tu…
‘Unruly’ Diva Cat Fired From Broadway Show
Until yesterday, the Broadway production of the Truman Capote classic 'Breakfast At Tiffany's' had been notable for starring 'Game of Thrones' mother of dragons Emilia Clarke in the Holly Golightly role. But now it's an animal actor who's getting all the …
8 Cats Who Want to Be Abercrombie Models
Okay. Abercrombie needs to get on this. They need to start making adult human-sized shopping bags so we can walk around in them all day and look like we've been working out. For a more realistic effect, Hollister will do in a pinch. These cats have the right idea.
Here’s a Bunch of Cats Being Total Jerks
The internet has a longstanding, undisputed love of cats. Just because we love something doesn't mean we have to think it's perfect, though. Cats, for example, in addition to being cuddly and adorable, are basically huge jerks.
10 Cats Rocking Mohawks
Here are some cats with mohawks. Why? Because it's a grey, bleak Wednesday, and you need a good laugh. Or at least a half-smile. Or maybe some haircut inspiration. Or not. Enjoy!
12 Adorable Animal Odd Couples
Remember when we featured those adorably in love animal duos? That was cute stuff. But as it turns out, furry love knows no bounds. See, sometimes monkeys fall in love with tigers and raccoons develop a thing for kitties. Luckily for us, these strange combos also make ridiculously adorable couples.
12 People Who Look Like Their Pets
Have you ever noticed how some pet owners look a whole lot like their animals? It's a strange phenomenon that can actually happen to anyone if they've owned a pet long enough. See, there's something about the human/furry friend relationship that causes a sort of morphing into one…
12 Adorable Animals Taking ‘Selfie’ Photos
We have no idea why, but animals are like, super talented when it comes to photography. Remember how they're master photobombers? That's just the beginning. Even though their talent is slightly greater than that of us humans, there are zero complaints on our end, because the resu…

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