Dog And Cat Make Adorable Violence Together
Despite being dog and cat, Peebucks and Mordecai are friends. Still, that doesn't mean their instincts won't get the better of them sometimes, leading to the kind of scuffle that's expected when the competing species come together.
But, perhaps because of their feelings for e…
Awesome Cat Parties Hard to Rihanna Track
The typical cat gives off the impression that it's too cool to dance. However, as long as you play the right song, you can turn even the most blasé feline into a party animal.
Take this cat, for example. Once it hears the thumping bass of the David Guetta featuring Rihanna track…
Kitten and St. Bernard Are Destined for Disney Stardom
We can never get enough of videos featuring adorably mismatched animal pairs at play.  (They're like Disney movies come to life.) And some of our favorite animal duos involve dogs and cats. Not only are they precious, but they defy the stereotype that when you put a cat and a dog together, they're b…
See the World Through a Cat’s Eyes in Gorgeous Film
If you live in suburbia and own a cat, you must have wondered where your feline friend goes when  it decides to take a stroll outside the house. South Carolina-based German engineer Juergen Perthold wondered the same thing, which is why he decided to build a portable camera that could be worn a…
New iPad App Lets You Play Video Games With Your Cat
Cat toys sure have come a long way. Yarn and stuffed mice are still fun, but the more tech-savvy felines prefer getting their entertainment a whole new way: from an iPad. Cat food maker Friskies has released a new app called 'You vs. Cat,' billing it as the first dual-species tablet game t…
Adorably Weird Cat Thinks It’s a Dog
Of all the cute videos we feature starring cats, this kitty made us laugh like no other. Meet Tifa, a rather confused cat who pants like a dog, wags its tail and even loves to play catch. Enjoy the video, though be warned you may never see cats in the same light again.
Baby Monkey and Kitten Tussle, Cuteness Ensues
What's cuter than a baby monkey and a baby kitten? That would be a baby monkey and a baby kitten engaging in a delightful play fight. Seriously. There is nothing cuter. And if you think there is, after watching this video, please send it our way.

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