Cats and Mice Have Taken Their Blood Feud to Outer Space
Cats and mice don't get along. It's a tale as old as time. Will there ever be a détente between the rival species? Or will they continue their violent feud until long after Earth is just a memory? The Dastoli Bros.' short film 'Cats in Space' suggests the latter. So l…
Cat Trains Dog to Be Personal Masseuse, Obedient Servant
Dogs aim to please and cats are moody and self-indulgent. Well, that's the stereotype, at least. And apparently these traits hold true when the two domesticated creatures interact with each other. Check out what we mean in this shocking video, in which a cat has made a dog its se…
Cat Ghost Adoptions: April Fools or Serious?
Today is the day where you can't take anything people say remotely seriously. Unless that person is a radio DJ, in which case you should take seriously absolutely everything they say. Honest. Really. You should trust them. But we're not sure if this one is a prank or not.
Eagle, Fox and Cat Are One Adorable Trio
At first, we thought this video couldn't possibly be real. But after watching it several more times, it really does appear like this woman in Alaska caught an eagle, a fox and two cats hanging out peacefully on her front porch. Despite how it looks, this isn't a scene from 'Dr. Dolitt…

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