Amazing Spider-Cat Climbs Down the Fridge
Cats, as we all know, let nothing stand in their way when they want something. Especially not gravity, as we showed you with Spider-Cat, who climbed a wall to get at a laser dot. Well, meet his equally talented brother from another mother, Piggy, who climbs down refrigerators.
Cat Meets Dog In Funny Online Safety Video
Way back in 1993 cartoonist Peter Steiner published a cartoon in The New Yorker of a dog, who was seated at a computer, talking to another canine. The caption read "On the internet, nobody knows you are a dog."
At that point the internet was just taking off with the general public, and the …
Cute New Calendar Features Cats and Dogs Doing Yoga Poses
While we have all seen our pets stretch and yawn better than we humans possibly can, ever imagined what our dogs and cats would look like if they stretched their bodies to do yoga exercises?
Photographer Dan Borris and his former yoga teacher wife Alejandra pictured the same and recently unveiled a c…
Man Divorces Woman Over Her 550 Cats
Our pets are important to us, and a lot of times, we’ll consider whether a potential mate is a cat or dog person before we take the relationship to the next level. And, for almost everyone, whether or not your significant other gets along with your pets can be a deal breaker. But wou…
Cat Elevator, Going Up!
As further proof that cats are fundamentally lazy creatures, two felines climb aboard a makeshift chair elevator and are pulled by a rope to an open window. Sound dangerous? Nah. Cats always land on their feet, right?
Dishwasher Cat Will Clean Up Your Mess
Cats are noted for their personal cleanliness, and even fussiness. Just ask anybody who's tried to move the litterbox. But they rarely pick up around the house, so Dishwasher Cat is a welcome change of pace.
Bag + Cat + Gravity = Ouch
Cats love bags and boxes. They are, in fact, infamous for cramming themselves into tiny spaces. Unfortunately, sometimes these spaces aren't as stable as they think.
How Much of Dubstep Cat Can You Endure?
YouTube decided, what seems like an eternity ago, to allow users to post videos up to ten hours long. Almost immediately, people began creating loops of the most obnoxious sounds they could find, or of memes, or of, well, anything.
And now it's Dubstep Cat's turn. The video is under the c…

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